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BETA-CLIMATE: Climate protection due to new sugar beet cultivation methods with focus on resource protection, biodiversity and reduction of herbicides


Ministerium für Ernährung, Ländlichen Raum und Verbraucherschutz

Federal State



Kernerplatz 10
70182 Stuttgart

Website: External link to the authority

Project Title

BETA-CLIMATE: Climate protection due to new sugar beet cultivation methods with focus on resource protection, biodiversity and reduction of herbicides

Project description

The cultivation of selective catch crops before sugar beet (SB) and development of innovative Processing technology (Strip-Till, chopping, cutting) should be improved the C02 balance in SB cultivation. The aim is to reach high level of ground coverage until BBCH 31-39 for multiple climate benefits. The focus is on C02-sequestration and simultaneous high level of erosion protection at heavy rainfall periods and as well as increasing soil life, biodiversity, soil fertility and water storage capacity. The development of more extensive cultivation methods offers great potential for C02
savings, which will be evaluated in terms of their C02 balance. This includes in particular the reduction of chemical-synthetic plant protection by testing biological regulation methods against weeds and pests. These methods include, in particular, the control of the Pentastiridius leporinus, which benefits from climate change and is a carrier of the existentially threatening disease SBR.

Final report

Results and the Final report will be found here, as soon as the project is completed.

Results focusing on practiceorientation

Crop management techniques in sugar beet cultivation are being developed which, taken as a whole,
lead to an improvement in the C02 balance. Selected catch crop mixtures will be investigated as well
as a matching cultivation method with techniques for (strip) tillage, mulching and improved weed
control techniques. These produce measurable, positive effects such as: Herbicide reduction,
improved erosion control during heavy rainfall, more efficient use or increased water storage capacity
through mulch overlays and promotion of agricultural biodiversity. Partial tillage and reduced use of
PPPs result in labour time, costs, emissions and energy savings, which are offset against the
mechanical mulching and hoeing methods, and at the end an overall balance sheet is available to
evaluate the methods. At the end of the project, bioloogical plant protection methods/strategies will be available for the reduction of SGFZ.

Key words

  • Outdoor horticulture and woody crops (incl. viticulture, olives, fruit, ornamentals)
  • Pest/disease control
  • Soil
  • Climate change (incl. GHG reduction, adaptation and mitigation, and other air related issues)

Main funding source

Rural development 2014-2020

OG contact information

Verband Baden-Württembergischer Zurckerrübenbauer e.V.
Gartenstraße 54
74072 Heilbronn

Phone: 0713178930

Email: kamp@vbwz.de

Type of OG partners

  • Farmer
  • Researcher
  • Industry

Begin of project


Project status


Total budget applied for in EUR


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project webseite EIP Baden-Württemberg


DE117 Heilbronn

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