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Development of methods for the analysis of secondary, anti-nutritional plant constituents (OG: Alkalyt)


Thüringer Ministerium für Infrastruktur und Landwirtschaft

Federal State



Werner-Seelenbinder-Str. 8
99096 Erfurt

Website: External link to the authority

Project Title

Development of methods for the analysis of secondary, anti-nutritional plant constituents (OG: Alkalyt)

Project description

The aim of the cooperation between the farm, laboratory company and breeder is to improve the quality of local pulses (legumes) such as For example, to examine lupins with regard to secondary phytonutrients (antinutritiva) and to develop analytical methods for this. The analysis methods, some of which have already been developed, have to be supplemented by new parameters and validated. Furthermore, it is important to develop new analysis methods with other measurement methods. For the extraction of standard substances, larger amounts of legume seeds are examined for their content of anti-nutritional ingredients and corresponding batches with particularly high levels are selected for further processing. Batches of legumes grown in Thuringia are to be examined and classified according to the planned production and using routes. Finally, an examination of Thuringian legume products should show which qualities can be achieved and how the content of bitter substances should be classified in relation to the recommendations of Food & Feed associations.

Final report

Results and the Final report will be found here, as soon as the project is completed.

Results focusing on practiceorientation

The cooperation would like to establish stable measurement methods for the most important anti-nutritional ingredients and develop a classification system for lupins while the project is still running. For this purpose, new compounds are to be included in the existing HPLC measurement method. A new extraction routine is being developed for this purpose. A new type of measurement method is being developed for the determination of alkaloid using GC-MS / MS. Both methods are validated. After the measurement of larger sample series, lupine strains with a low alkaloid content are selected for reproduction and an analysis of the interaction between variety, location and alkaloid content is carried out. This results in regional cultivation recommendations and the creation of a classification system for use as a food raw material. 

Key words

  • Outdoor horticulture and woody crops (incl. viticulture, olives, fruit, ornamentals)
  • Food security, safety, quality, processing and nutrion
  • Supply chain, marketing and consumption

Main funding source

Rural development 2014-2020 for Operational Groups (in the sense of Art 56 of Reg.1305/2013)

OG contact information

JenaBios GmbH
Löbstedter Str. 80
07749 Jena

Phone: 03641/24 23 4 -56

Email: d.zaender@jenabios.de

Type of OG partners

  • Farmer
  • Advisor
  • Industry

Begin of project


Project status


Total budget applied for in EUR


Further information

2020 LFE 0009

Link 1

project poster


DEG03 - Jena, Kreisfreie Stadt

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